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Marc’s professional brand can be summed up in one word, growth.


Leadership growth, personal growth & business growth.

Marc's career has focused on helping high growth companies scale.

For the past two decades, Marc has worked with high profile companies like SAP, Electronic Arts, Ritchie Bros. & Hootsuite and a multitude of startups.


Through his experience, Marc noted the key difference between companies that were successful versus ones that plateaued was transformational leadership.

Successful companies had CEOs and executive teams who were transformational leaders.

Marc now applies his 20 years of leadership & executive experience to help business leaders become transformational leaders.

coaching cients
coaching credentials


Since 2002, Marc has worked with companies like SAP, Electronic Arts, Ritchie Bros. & Hootsuite to successfully scale, lead transformational change & navigate through volatility.


Described by his peers as analytical, a big-picture thinker, and someone who has helped C-level executives connect the dots to uncover opportunities.

  • Achieved 3x growth of a startup in under 4 years to scale revenues from $50M to $150M

  • Managed a P&L of up to $10 million with a staff of over 20 people

  • Led several mergers & acquisitions integration initiatives for SAP

  • Led expansion projects into mainland China

  • Led  globally distributed teams across China, Japan, Singapore, the UK, France, Canada & United States

  • Led digital transformation initiatives for Ritchie Bros. & Electronic Arts

  • Founded and sold two businesses, an ecommerce business as well as an ad agency

Client profile​

Marc coaches emerging leaders, executives, CEOs, presidents & entrepreneurs.


Clients have the following in common:

  • Goal oriented

  • Open-minded and takes feedback well

  • Motivated & committed to make a change

  • Humble & authentic

  • Appetite for personal growth

Coaching Credentials​

As a CEO Chair with TEC Canada, the largest leadership development firm globally with over 25,000 business leaders as members, Marc leads, facilitates and coaches groups of 16 business leaders monthly. To become a Chair with TEC Canada, he has undergone a rigorous evaluation & training process and continues to develop through monthly development sessions.

Throughout Marc's leadership journey he has advised entrepreneurs and executives. Coaching emerging leaders who have gone on to become successful Directors, VPs and entrepreneurs.

He continues to sharpen his coaching skills with Gallup Strength Finders coaching as well as the Coactive Coaching methodology.

His coaching is a blend of stoicism, metacognition, leadership frameworks, mindfulness and eastern philosophy.

coaching style &PHilosophy

As a coach, he wears three hats; coach, mentor and teacher.

"In our coaching partnership, we're both accountable to your coaching practice and objectives." - Marc

You can expect a non-linear, conversational approach between peers. Addressing pressing issues as needed, but also helping you to develop further as a leader.

Radical candor, authenticity & transparency

Critical elements to a successful coaching partnership.


Coaches the entire version of you (not just your work persona)
Work spills into life, and life spills into work. One affects the other.
Habits, tools & mindset over motivation
Motivation is fleeting and only lasts so long. Marc helps you develop lasting transformation that will help you into your future.

Outside of work​

Colleagues have called Marc "an aggressive learner", taking on new hobbies to expand his field of view.

A cook, whiskey collector, avid reader and creative. He is always seeking new ways to grow.

Outside of work Marc can be found on a nature hike, on the beach or on a snow-day taking the opportunity to go snowboarding.


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